What should I expect during my pet’s wellness exam?

During a wellness exam, our veterinarian will examine your pet’s general appearance, listen to their chest and examine certain areas of their body to ensure no abnormalities are present.

How often should my pet have a wellness examination?

The frequency of pet wellness exams depend on the pet’s age. For a puppy between the ages of 01 years, we recommend wellness exams at least 3 times per year, while senior pets age 7+ we recommend semi-annually.

My pet is having problems, can I call and have you give me advice on the phone?

In order for us to give you the best advice, we do highly recommend you bring your pet in. We want to exam them and find out exactly what is wrong before giving any information to you.

When my pet has surgery, can I pick them up the same day?

When my pet has surgery, can I pick them up the same day?

Can my pet eat before surgery?

Please don’t feed your pet 12 hours prior to surgery, giving them water is okay.

How long after surgery can I give my pet a bath?

We recommend waiting 2 days after surgery.

Do stitches come off on their own or do I have to come back in to have them removed?

The stitches should come off on their own but we recommend a recheck appointment 10 days after surgery to make sure everything is okay and healing properly.

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Do I pay when I drop my pet off, or can I pay when I pick them up?

We do require payment when you drop off your furry companion.

Do I have to pay for the day I drop off if I drop them off at the end of the day? What about for pick up?

The first day you drop off, no matter the time of day, is considered a day. If you pick up before 12 p.m. there is no charge for the day, however if you choose to pick up after 12 p.m., we do charge for the day.

Boarding December 1-5
Dropping off December 1 at 6 p.m. and picking up December 5 at 11 a.m.
You will be charged for 4 days of boarding (plus any additional options)
Boarding December 1-5
Dropping off December 1 at 11 a.m. and picking up December 5 at 6 p.m.
Charged 5 days of boarding (plus any additional options)

What type of exercise will my dog(s) have during their stay?

Your pet will have 3 outdoor walks/breaks a day. If they get along with other dogs, they will go in groups, if not they will be taken out separately.

How many times do you feed my pet a day?

We feed your pet(s) according to your specific instructions. Typically, we feed in the morning (7 a.m.) , and at night (7 p.m.).

Can I bring my dog’s bedding?

Due to the daily cleaning requirements in our boarding facility, we ask that you do not bring your dog’s bedding. NOVA Pets Boarding provides comfortable bedding for your pet.

Do employees stay with the animals overnight?

No, we are not a 24-hour facility.

What kind of food will my pet be fed if I do not bring their own?

We absolutely require you to bring your dog’s own food. Boarding is overwhelming and switching their food will cause more confusion and even illness.

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