When you have a beloved pet, you want to make sure your companion has everything they need for a healthy, long and fulfilling life. NOVA Pets Health Center wants to partner with you to foster that human-animal bond. Our Pet Wellness Plans offer a proactive, comprehensive approach to your pet's care. These programs make all of your pet's preventative wellness care over a 12-month period affordable and convenient, including examinations, vaccinations and preventative diagnostics.

Our veterinarians recommend pet wellness programs to save on the procedures your cat or dog needs for the year. Take the initiative with your pet's care by exploring our Wellness Plans for young, adult and senior age groups.

Wellness Plans FAQ

What Is a Pet Wellness Plan?

Depending on your pet's unique needs, your pet's doctor will recommend numerous vet care services within any given year. Most pet owners don't know what kind of services their dog or cat needs, and those who do keep up with their pet's wellness often find themselves facing overwhelming vet costs.

Our Pet Wellness Plans enable you to bundle all the care your pup or kitty needs for an affordable price. Rather than scheduling appointments with our veterinary hospital reactively when urgent situations arise, you can stay up to date with our Pet Wellness Plans to get preventative services that keep your beloved companion safe from illnesses, accidents and more.

We have multiple Pet Wellness Plans to choose from and can help you decide which one is best for your pet's unique needs. Our plans include discounts and help you finance your veterinary costs to make managing your pet's needs more affordable for your budget.

Keep in mind that Pet Wellness Plans are not pet insurance, which helps pet owners pay their vet bills after the deductible. Insurance reimburses you for portions of your bills after you seek care for your furry friend. Our Plans are a cost-effective payment structure for your chosen vet services.

Why Does My Pet Need a Wellness Plan?

Preventative veterinary care has been proven to deter significant health issues and improve your pet's quality of life — especially in their golden years. Regular exams help catch pet illnesses and conditions before they grow worse. When you enroll in a Pet Wellness Plan early in your pet's life, our skilled veterinarians can discover any hazards surrounding your pet that you may not notice without a professional.

Why does your puppy or kitty need a wellness plan? Your furry companion ages several times faster than humans. Routine physical exams make it easy to pick up on changes with your pet, such as weight gain or joint issues, that can influence life expectancy. Plus, bundling your pet care services helps save you money long term.

How Do Pet Wellness Plans Work?

You begin by selecting a specific Wellness Plan option for your dog or cat. Our programs are organized according to age to include necessary vaccinations and procedures specific to your pet's stage of life. You may pay for your program in full or select a 12-month payment plan. However, the first month's payment and an enrollment fee are requested when you sign up.

Once you pay the initial fee, we recommend visiting our clinic every six months for a wellness exam. This visit may include vaccinations, blood tests or dental services based on your chosen package. You will not be charged for your appointment because you have either already paid or are paying for your Wellness Plan services monthly as part of our affordable payment plan.

Are Pet Wellness Plans Worth It?

Preventative, routine exams are sadly overlooked when it comes to pet care. These essential services give you peace of mind knowing your beloved friend is in tip-top shape. They also allow our team to keep a close watch on your pet's overall health.

Our Pet Wellness Plans also make caring for your pet more affordable. Instead of paying more for services you know your cat or dog will need within the year, you can bundle multiple offerings together for significant savings. Most pet owners save upward of $600 or more in a year by enrolling in the right program for their pet. We also give discounts for our boarding services with select plans.

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