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Tips for owning a parrot

Tips for owning a parrot Everyone knows parrots are intelligent, beautiful animals and can be popular pets, but before you dive head-first into becoming a parrot parent, here are some things to consider: 1) They live a long time– If … Read More

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Dog Day Care in Chantilly, VA

Dog Day Camp is helpful for social pups whose owners work during the day. It is important for them to socialize with other dogs. After all, dogs can make friends too! Dogs need exercise, and here, your dog gets to … Read More

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Boarding Vacation at Novapets

We are smack in the middle of summer and are feeling the heat! It may sound like the perfect time to vacation, but what about your beloved pet? If bringing your pet on the trip with you isn’t a feasible … Read More

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Why We Care About Day Care

Why We Care About Day Care Unfortunately, many of us are not always able to remain at home with our pups or bring them to work with us every day. So what do our pets do while we are away … Read More

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Summer Swimming Safety

With the weather getting hotter, a day trip to the lake or beach sounds like the perfect way to cool off and have some fun. Many of us love to take our beloved pooches with us to the water, but … Read More

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Heat Stroke and Leaving Your Pet in the Car

The summer months are quickly approaching, and that means more sunny days! While this is great for outdoor activities, keep in mind how much hotter it is for your pets and their fur coats.  If you are out running errands … Read More

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doggy daycamp

Doggy Day Camp in Ashburn and Chantilly, Virginia

Is your pup a bit on the wild side? Do you worry about leaving your dog for too long during your workday? Not to worry! Our Dog Day Care here at Nova Pets Health Center near Chantilly and Ashburn will … Read More

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Animal Hospital in Chantilly, Virginia

NOVA Pets Health Center (NPHC) in Chantilly is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited animal hospital that provides client-centric health care options for all pets – including exotics – through personalized diagnostic, medical, and preventative veterinary services. We combine … Read More

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10 Tips for Travelling With Your Pet

Summer is just around the corner, and for many of us, this means it’s vacation time! If you are planning on taking your pet on a trip, here are some tips to help you prepare for the journey: Talk to … Read More

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Hiking, Hot Spots, and Vaccine Reactions

Hiking with your Dog The sun is staying out longer, and the days are getting warmer, so hiking season is back! If you’re planning on a lovely walk through the woods with your dog, make sure to bring plenty of … Read More

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